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Maynie Malan sculptures


Maynie is South African. She “sings” words. Different to us but understandable. Fast. Animated. Fiery: red flames in her hair. Red spectacles. Fiery colours dominate her environment.

"Sit your bum down and rest your legs" she commands. She displays her creations on the table in front of me and I drink in her godly work:

Her jewelry: beautiful. Maynie observes the wearer and transforms. She chooses the accompanying stones. From deeper thoughts she creates something that makes it more personal. No mannerism. Plain of shape. Many rounded elements. Forged with passion you would say: rather quick, rather robust, rather to the point, rather unfinished.

Her sculptures: dynamic. A finger long... Spirally little bars full of unsuspected playfulness. As funny as child song and dance. Balanced on a thin wire or attached to a sturdy base, swerving in all directions. Some are wearable. Ingenious. Impressions which balance between true or false, little aerials on the skin.

Again the same form. Pointing to the sky: The universe. Spiritual?

Her objects: Profound. Maynie brings together organic material: wood, stones, string… Discarded objects and used things. From the garden, from the beach from Gaston… She connects them to each other. She forms one new mental connection: building blocks for a poem. Maynie also writes that poem: words of sadness and happiness, mortality and life. A knowledge of duplicity is home in every monument....

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