About Maynie Malan

Maynie Malan is South African, born in Johannesburg. She grew up in Randburg, studied for Kindergarten teacher and did various other jobs and courses before she settled as Goldsmith. Regarding her artistic career, she is completely autodidac. Thanks to her great determination she has managed to travel a difficult and very personal life path. Her own style has grown from her various experiences and pesonalised vision on life.

In April 1991 Maynie Malan moved to Europe. Searching for an inspirational area to settle and further her artistic carreer, she settled in Hasselt, Belgium. To be known in one country and then to start all over again is not always easy. But it is defenitely a challenge to start over in a different country with a different culture. Maynie has sold her work in top Galleries in London, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.


Maynie Malan likes working with 18 karat gold, silver, gemstones and natural elements. She finds it a "loving task" to combine these elements to create an unique artwork. The technique that Maynie uses places her amongst a small catagory of people that uses "universal energy" to create their artwork. Her gift asks for inner quietude and a channeling of positive energy. This she reaches by meditating. She works without pre-design, each jewel originates during the creation itself.

Making a jewel for a specific client is her passion. With a picture in mind of the person in question, Maynie meditates and this results in a unique jewel that suits the customer perfectly and is treasured and loved by the wearer.

Each personalised work of Maynie Malan is original and touches the heart. You can feel the positive energy and love with which it is made.